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You want to organize a MJWorldCry-vigil and bring together some MJ-friends in your city? Or you want to participate on your own? Great! :) So, let’s get started! It is very easy, this is what you’ll have to do:

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Doing a “good deed” in Michael’s name... Be it collecting money (f.e. arranging a bazaar) to give to a charity of your choice, singing a song in an home for the elderly, painting some pictures onto a white wall in an children’s hospital, visiting an orphanage, planting trees, ... Everything that brings joy and hapiness to people or that supports the environment or other good causes is welcome - to carry on Michael’s legacy! Lighting up a candle while listening to “Cry”  >at the 25th of June  >at                                          --> 11PM german time (till then you can have a look at the exact countdown presented on the left) Join people all around the world and remember Michael at this one time... you will feel how this magic moment will bring us all together!   Please fill out the following form
Any questions left? Please write an email to We’ll be happy to answer them! :)