World Cry MJWorldCry was founded by Amber Sipes in November 2009.  When Michael Jackson died, Amber realized that not all the fans had the means to travel to places that celebrated Michael's life. The worldwide grief that engulfed the globe needed a starting point... And so the first, annual worldwide, candlelit, simultaneous vigil to remember Michael Jackson and his humanitarian efforts was born. Since June 25th, 2010 those vigils took place every year, to honor, celebrate and bring people together in remembrance of Michael Jackson. In the days, weeks and months before each vigil, a lot is going on behind the scenes. People around the world in each city are involved and engaged with caring works, organizing acts of kindness and practical help, and raising money for a charity of their choice. France, Germany, Australia, Romania, many States in the USA and loads of other countries -- all come together at the same time to cry out for positive, lasting, real change around the world and they come to remember Michael. This is an invitation to you and your part of the world, the world that Michael held for so long, to be a part of this global honoring of a great man. In the name of all the fans who participated over the last three years we want to thank Amber for her passionate work and all the LOVE she put into MJWorldCry. We feel very honoured to take over the international headquarter and dream her dream further - a dream that became the dream of so many people and keeps on changing so many lifes all around the world! THANK YOU, DEAR AMBER! And as Michael would have said: go for your dreams! We hope, you’ll all join us. Anne and Denise, Make That Change n.e.V./ MJWorldCry Leipzig   © 2012, Make That Change n.e.V.
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